director, scriptwriter

Since 2017, I have been regularly conducting intensive classes for directors, cinematographers and actors. This is a three-day course, held in isolation in the mountains for full immersion in the learning process and in oneself. Groups of up to 10 people. Nothing is what it seems, but is not something else - this is not a philosophy. Formation of an idea, its realization on the screen, regardless of whether it is a second video for the Internet or a full-length movie on the big screen. The psychology of building a character and an environment, how to film something that is not visible on the screen, how to provoke the viewer and make him interested, the author and the realization, the idea and the film. The main task is to find the right tool with which you can communicate directly with the viewer, telling your own story, giving the viewer an emotion that is often lacking in life. A series of training events: Theme. Hero. Space. Conflict. Camera. Plot. Dramatic situation. History. Scene. Dialogue. Structure. Actor. Movie. Advertising. Reportage.

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